The art of selling smart

Customers always choose to purchase products that look best and most accurately describe. We help you attract customers with smart catalogs. Obtain attractive images and clear descriptions of your products and attract customers' attention.

We have many catalog partners across India who will assist you with:
  • Quick design and development of your catalogs
  • Best quality images
  • Clear and complete description of your products
  • Catalog that prompts quick buying decision
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Delivery of your products across India

Our logistics partners will deliver fast delivery of your products throughout India which will give your customers good service and you will be able to get a better rating of your products.

Our logistics network:
  • Ensures smooth pick-up and delivery of your products
  • Higher experience for your customers
Your earnings don’t keep you waiting

Re-invest profits to generate more business without any delay. Bitoodle sellers will get their payment directly in the bank account through NEFT, and RTGS transactions. We will settle payments within 7-10 business days of dispatching an order.

Easy and fast payment process on Bitoodle. You get:
  • Fastest payment for fulfilled orders
  • Quick re-investing opportunities
  • etailed information on payment settlement on seller dashboard
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Learn the art of selling online

Bitoodle is ready to train more and more vendors, in which we will try to improve the methods of increasing their education.


We will organize most of our training through webinar wherein you can resolve your doubts instantly and provide tips and tips to improve your business.


We will connect our vendors to the team viewer so that they can connect directly to our developments team and get the right benefits for every product.

Get more business with less effort

At Bitoodle, we promise to give you the maximum benefit with minimum investment. This is why the Bitoodle Fulfillment Service provides you with access to our state-of-the-art completion centers at a very low cost. You store your products in our supply centers where we take great care of your inventory.

What does Bitoodle Fulfilment offer?
  • Faster delivery of your products
  • Quality check of your products by our experts
  • Packaging that will delight your customers
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